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Kalon Collective was created in response to an ongoing need we saw in the eating disorder treatment community. As experienced eating disorder professionals, we know that the best outcome for success comes when people are guided and supported in change instead of telling them how to change. We are a collective of people, of skills and of knowledge who want to help you in your recovery, will affirm your identity and strengths and hope to get you back on track towards a life without ED.



Jen is a native of North Carolina and is a full-bred Wolf Packer! She studied social work at North Carolina State University which influenced her interests in volunteering in her community and helping those in need. After graduation Jen began working as direct care staff at a local eating disorder treatment facility. She worked directly with patients, helping with preparation and accountability during meal time, challenging eating disorders beliefs, and working to help patients find their authentic self again. 

Jen transitioned from direct care staff into the culinary department after seeing a greater need, in the kitchen, supporting patients with cooking and hands on food exposure. She emphasized the importance of culinary skills that help build independent cooking at home and creative ways for patients to keep their own kitchens simple, safe and nurturing. Jen was able to utilize her previous direct care staff experiences to facilitate effective and individualized fear food exposure sessions for patients. Jen takes a direct, non-judgmental approach in the kitchen and enjoys supporting people through hard moments to continue guiding them on their journey in recovery.


Kena combines her years of experience as a researcher and an eating disorder professional to provide client care that is in line with our team's values. As Kalon Collective's administrator, Kena will be your first point of contact. She works to ensure that new clients feel safe and ready to continue their recovery journey with us.


As our marketing and social media person, Sara keeps Kalon Collective connected to the local community and beyond. Sara brings to the team her years of experience as an eating disorder professional along with her passion for advocacy and public speaking.